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Suit is an idea a lots of them. It is all those ideas that don’t fit in traditional publications we have in our heads.

Suit became Suit in February 2019, when we decided it was the appropriate name. If we look back, everything started when we met at Harper’s Bazaar fashion closet ten years ago. After that we followed different paths, at magazines like Vogue or Esquire,  until we met again at L’Officiel in 2017. A decade is time enough to know what we wanted.

Suit is home to all of our interests. They will frequently match yours. Suit is a place where we will edit without being edited. Freedom, of course, comes with responsibility. We are committed to work hard to live up to the current times.

Suit Magazine is our gaze and our voice, but it will be the gazes and voices of the people we admire as well.

Suit Magazine is all of the above. But things change. The world changes, people change. This ‘About’ will definitely change over time.

Raquel y Ana