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Maya Reik’s Closet

“I believe fashion is more than clothes: it’s a story, history and heritage. It’s a way to express our feelings and values”.

Texto de Raquel Fdez. Sobrín

19th of August, 2022

It’s a far more complicated task than it might seem at first glance. Standing in front of one’s own wardrobe and dissecting it until it is reduced to a few favorites can become a system to achieve ultimate self-knowledge or a trap almost impossible to escape. This exercise of memory (and conscience) always leads to the same inevitable conclusion: despite the constant temptation of newness, only the pieces we cover with remembrances of things past and emotional value make it to the shortlist. Maya Reik, founder and creative director of the furless, sustainable firm Marei1998, refers to hers as “items that have a deep place in her heart”. Here she shares their stories with us.


Marei1998′ s Deutzia Coat

“It will always mean a lot to me. The Deutzia coat is the first piece I designed from the material of faux fur for Marei1998. And this coat was a dream come true for me. It opened a door for a new path for my fashion house to create a full line of furless items. It’s our iconic and classic signature coat. I feel like I can wear it with a dress, with a t-shirt, with jeans or sweatpants and it’ll always work out. It’s versatility to fit every mood along with its cruelty free values makes this item timeless and statement at the same time. Seeing this piece sell today at Saks Fifth Avenue is a huge accomplishment for me and I’m grateful I can wear my creations and watch others wearing them as we”.


Deutzia Marei1998 from Maya Reiks Closet- Suit Magazine
Maya Reik in a vintage Dior jewelry piece - Suit Magazine

A Dior 1970’s headpiece

“This piece of jewelry I wore in my weeding is actually a vintage Dior necklace from the 70s that I found in the famous Saint-Market in Paris, in a beautiful small vintage store. I decide to wear it as a headpiece at the wedding, but I also wear it as a necklace in special moments when I want to feel more glamorous. Every time I look at this piece it always reminds of the sweet memories of my wedding day.


A 40 year-old striped t-shirt

“My grandma Miriam gave me this t-shirt few years ago. Miriam was my muse, best friend, role model and so much more. It makes me happy and emotional at the same time because reminds me of her. Besides, it has a strong story of sustainability. She purchased it in Europe 40 years ago, and it still in great condition today, I wear it and enjoy it, and it’ll be forever relevant. If we take good care of things that are properly made with quality materials, they can pass down generations and serve us longer”.


A 40 years-old striped t-shirt from Maya Reiks Closet - Suit Magazine

A pair of vintage Manolo Blahnik shoes

I always feel passionate to find a good treasure when I look for vintage items. As a slow fashion house owner and as part of the fashion industry, I look to live my agendas and beliefs in my own studio and in my own life. Purchasing vintage of loved and iconic designers with histories and perspectives that I value is one of my favorite things. I feel like each piece has a story and so much inspiration in it. I purchased this Manolo Blahnik shoes a few years ago and to be honest I don’t often wear them anymore, but they were my first ‘shoe moment’. Sometimes I use my personal vintage collection to style and inspire the Marei1998 looks”.


Laulau gold hoop earrings

My sister Lauren is an artist and designer. She does many types of design, from home and furniture to jewelry. I love the elegant simplicity and the endless awareness of small details of her jewelry collection. A good pair of classic earrings is always an upgrade. I love the story behind this pair as they are hand made in a smalI local workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel, that keeps the traditional jewelry craft methods”.


Maya Reik Closet - Laulau Earrings - Suit Magazine
Maya Reik Closet - Marei1998 Pampas Bag - Suit Magazine

Marei1998’s Pampas bag

“Our classic signature bag is 100% made with our fabric leftovers from the coat production. Avoiding fabric waist as much as I can was one of my main goals. I love wearing the Pampas bag in my everyday life moments: office, studio, meetings, dinners, and events. It was inspired by romantic old-world glamour balanced with a contemporary sense of ease”.


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