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Seven beauty tools that work (for me)

There are two facial rollers on the list because when life gets tough, it’s only fair to demand one moment a day when things run smoothly.

Words by Raquel Fernández Sobrín

26th of February, 2021

We all have something in common when we stand in front of the mirror. Moisturize, correct the tone, smooth fine lines or wrinkles, delay skin ageing. We want to look our best, we expect results. That’s why we buy, try and discard products and cosmetics. It is the premise under which the entire beauty industry operates, with its success rates and familiar faces adding value to the promise of results. Those promises, too, make us fall into the trap of recommendations. Before we get into the matter at hand, a warning to the reader: each body is a world and every person a little universe, so what “works” for me may not be effective, practical or suitable for you. Another thing to bear in mind is that this writer is a constant and tenacious person (I know, sometimes I can’t stand myself either) so perseverance may be a prerequisite for better results with these seven beauty tools.


1.Gua sha

If this isn’t your first time around here, you may already know that it took me a lot of time to learn how to use it properly, but I did it from the best. There are two key things you should know before you put a gua sha near your face. Firstly, that a facial massage should only be done after product application (I do it with almond oil or aloe vera). Secondly, that hard pressure doesn’t deliver better results. For me it’s the step before cleansing in the morning and I use a heart-shaped jade gua sha from the nose down and a rose quartz one with a jagged edge on the upper part of the face. Why? Because their shapes suit my bone structure better.


facial massage derma roller

2. Derma roller

If the idea of dozens of microneedles sticking into your face doesn’t seem too uncomfortable for you, it’s a perfect tool to stimulate collagen production naturally (in other words, without cosmetics) and the best way to get the product you apply afterwards, whatever its active ingredient, to work better. I only use it every other night (i.e. the night I don’t use retinol) after cleansing. The idea is to roll it over the entire surface of the face, being especially gentle around the eye area.


3. Ice Roller

Although cold is always good for the skin (note to those who wash their face with hot water), I don’t use it every day. I reserve it for those mornings after long nights and those days that require my best face, as if I’m afraid that using it daily will make it less effective. We all have our things. Thanks to Irina Shayk the ice sphere has recently become very popular, but I’m sticking with the roller. When life gets tough it’s only fair to demand a time of day when things run smoothly.

4. Muslins

It took me some time also to convince myself that it was possible to cleanse my face without foamy cosmetics (hygiene is a matter we don’t joke about at home) and these little reusable cloths were a great help in the process. I only use them at night and always after removing my make-up as a second deep cleanse.


5. Electric eyelash curler

This is also a very personal question as I don’t like the idea of eyelash extensions, false lashes or lots of mascara over my eyes. Hold it for a few seconds after applying a conditioning product or a little almond oil, and you are ready to go.

6. Tangle Teezer

Do you feel like your hair is falling out a lot? Maybe you are not losing but breaking it. I only detangle before and after washing (I know, I shouldn’t do it with wet hair, but at this point we are all certain that I have imperfections) and judging by what’s left in it, it’s more considerate with the physical integrity of the hair. Another plus: cleaning it is a breeze. Because (FYI) cleaning the brushes is just as important as using them.


7. Body brush

Speaking of objects with bristles. If all the references to cleaning made me sound a bit psychotic, I’d better not dwell too much on the question of exfoliation. Let’s just say that the fact that my mother took showers with a scrubber deeply marked me in my earliest childhood. In addition to exfoliating, it activates circulation much better than all those anti-cellulite creams and cosmetics that start to proliferate every year with the arrival of spring. As it requires a few more minutes in the shower, some people prefer to use it in the evening. I prefer to start the day with the pleasant feeling that everything is flowing.


body brush exfoliation circulation
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